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What LinkedIn Can Do For Your Business

LinkedIn isn't considered "social media" in the classic sense, but when you think about it - it really is! 
You upload your resume, make a profile with your skills and credentials; your friends and colleagues can leave recommendations and you can find hot job leads. Also, don't think companies aren't noticing. Popular businesses like Mozilla, Microsoft and Amazon are just some of the big names that have contacted people for job interviews based solely off of their LinkedIn profile. So LinkedIn really is a great resource for individuals, but what can LinkedIn do for your business? The answer may surprise you.
In many ways, LinkedIn may be the most important social media tool for your business - especially in B2B firms. This is a site for businesses after all, so it is crucial that you take advantage of it. Here are some reasons why LinkedIn is great businesses:

1) It Builds Your Online Reputation
Making a LinkedIn company profile page can legitimize your product or service in the eyes of both potential employees and other businesses. Also, having a clean page with regular blog postings and updates can do wonders for your branding. While Facebook and Twitter can be good for potential business and fan growth, LinkedIn can give your business a more formal boost to your online presence.

2) It Gets You Business
Don't think that your LinkedIn page is trapped within one site. All LinkedIn pages are search engine-friendly, and often times they will be one of the top results when people search for your company. Not only are you building your online reputation, but you are getting your business in front of many more eyes thanks to sites like Google and Bing. New customers and potential employees will come flocking.
3) It Helps You Network
LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that can help you connect with other businesses. Should you need help on a one-time thing or are looking for potential new clients, LinkedIn allows you to converse with prospects and judge who you want to target. Even better, if your page is optimized, the good clients and employees will come to you!
4) It Promotes Your Workers
All of your employees can link their individual LinkedIn account to your business page, meaning any and all recognitions, achievements or certifications will show up on your page. No longer does your online presence have to be a faceless one. If people get the sense of the real people that work for you, you can build your company's identity.
5) It Increases Local Credibility 
Target the people in your area with your LinkedIn page and learn how the local workforce is doing and what opportunites may arise in the near future. Become one of the top pages in your area and you will reap the rewards from people doing local searches of your business. 

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