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Promoting Your Next Event on Facebook

Whether it's a sale, a production, a party or a simple get-together - you have an event coming up for your company and you want your Facebook fans and customers to be there to take part in it. It takes little effort on the fans' part to interact with your company on Facebook (a simple like, share or comment doesn't take more than a few seconds), but how in the world are you going to get them away from their computer and at your event using social media? Here are a few things you can do through your company's Facebook page to get people at your next event:

1) Make the Necessary Additions To Your Page
The first thing you should do is create an Event on your Facebook page. Include all relevant information, including a link to your webpage for the event and a relevant graphic as an event photo. When you create the event, it will appear as a post on your wall and all of your fans will be able to see it on their News Feed! Secondly, if you haven't already done so, add the Events tab to your page. Near the top, click on "Edit Page" then on the side click on "Apps". Look for the Events app and add it to your tab. By doing this, your upcoming event will appear as a tab on your page alongside your photos and fans. Even if someone is not a fan yet, they can come across your page and see the picture of the event in your tabs and click on it to learn more. Lastly, update your page cover photo and profile photo to promote the event as well. This way - from your main page to your event tab - your upcoming event is clearly visible for all to see. You're on your way to getting fans to your event!

2) Do A Giveaway
The easiest way to get word out about your upcoming event is to have your Facebook fans do it for you! Do a post advertising your event and include a prize-drawing contest where a LIKE on the post gets one entry, a comment gets two entries and a SHARE gets five entries. Make sure you tell your Facebook fans that only publicly-viewable actions count (private actions won't be seen by others). Reward your fans for their work and watch as your contest racks up SHARES and gets people talking about your event.

3) Create Facebook Ads for Your Event
While the contest is a great way to organically spread the word about your event, paid advertising can also go a long towards reaching potential fans or customers that are out of your reach. Do some research and decide what kind of people you want at your event, then create an ad advertising your event and target it to the right people based on age, distance from the event, interests and other criteria. A simple click on the ad and the Facebook user can RSVP, and even better - you can include a button for people to automatically invite some of their friends.
4) Get A Team Going
Make some of your trusted workers admins on your business Facebook page so that they can invite people they know and promote the event from their unique perspective. Having a team of up to five people insures that all angles for the event are attacked and that any questions or comments are resolved quickly and efficiently.

5) Promote, Promote, Promote
Remind your fans and attendees daily about the event - including any new relevant info that may help them including prices, parking information and more. Also, treat your event page like your fan page and engage on both. Tease any sponsors you may have or even include a countdown clock to the event. The more you show that you are excited for the event, the more excited your fans will be to attend.

6) Send A Message
Consider this the follow-up. You can customize messages to all levels of attendees for your event. Send a message to the confirmed guests and tell them about exclusive exciting news about the event. Talk to the maybes or the ones who haven't replied to your invitation and include a discount or coupon to reincentivize them to come. This one-on-one level interaction will make the individuals feel special, and they will want to reward your generosity by coming to your event.

7) The After Show
So your event went off without a hitch and a number of people from Facebook came. Prove it! Write a blog or post about the event and all of the details that made it awesome. Include pictures from the event and tag any of your Facebook fans that were there. If somebody who passed on your event sees how much fun it was, you can bet they will want to go to the next one! 

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