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Simple Advice When Starting Out In Social Media

starting out in social media

We constantly see lists telling us what we can do to help improve marketing through social media. From Facebook to Twitter and the million or so off-shoots just like it, it's hard to keep track which one to use and how to use each one effectively. Here's the best advice we can give you if you're just now diving into the world of social media.
1. Just Do Something!
We're given so much information on what to post, how to post it, and when to post it. All I want you to do is try and spend five minutes a day with a social media site of your choice. Whether it's creating a post for the day or engaging with your fans, it's better to have tried then not done anything at all. Try and schedule this into your day so it becomes routine.
2. Keep it simple!
Don't feel the need to start a Facebook page, a Twitter and a Pinterest account all on the same day and keep track of them going forward. Start with one and master it before creating the next. If you overwhelm yourself initially, you may find yourself frustrated and without focus. This also applies to your message. Twitter has a 140 character max for a reason. Most people don’t have time to read a paragraph with all the distractions the internet can bring. If at all possible, let a picture or video do most of the talking.
3. Follow the leader!
Every page started off where you were, with 0 likes or followers. It was up to them to reach out and connect with their audience. Whether it was in person or through the web, they gained followers because people cared about their business and they cared to share their business with the world. Find a few businesses you enjoy and see what they did and are still doing to engage and promote their business online. You may be able to take some of their ideas and apply it to your own business with your own personal twist.

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