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Getting The Most Out of Checking In: Foursquare For Your Business

We all have those friends, the ones who only use social media to tell us where they are, what they had for lunch, or what book they are currently reading while sitting on their porch enjoying the weather. These mundane and often pointless updates that seem to plague our internet activity leave many of us wondering, "What's the point?" But what if there was a way to provide these people, who feel inclined to update everyone on their every move, an outlet to do so and a convenient way for you to use this information? Well now there is, and it's called Foursquare. 

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Foursquare: The Training Wheels of Social Media

Can a location-based social network tool help your business? If it is a business to consumer model, then the answer is yes. As a business owner, your likely response to social media and its many applications is probably less than favorable. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and it’s not entirely your fault. Your job at the end of the day is to keep the lights on, the shelves stocked and ultimately, make money. There isn’t enough time to talk about your company online, manage a fluctuating marketing campaign and get a good night’s rest.

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How to Engage A Conversation With Your Fans

The basis of social media is the ability to engage and humanize your brand. It's what separates it from other forms of advertising that only act as a one way stream of information. Social outlets have given us the opportunity for our customers to ask questions, make suggestions or engage in conversations. Many companies have failed to realize this and still treat it like it's a billboard or radio spot.

Simple Advice When Starting Out In Social Media

We constantly see lists telling us what we can do to help improve marketing through social media. From Facebook to Twitter and the million or so off-shoots just like it, it's hard to keep track which one to use and how to use each one effectively. Here's the best advice we can give you if you're just now diving into the world of social media.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hiring An Online Marketing Company

Online marketing has become important for a lot of reasons. The vast availability of the internet, the affordable prices and the wide audiences you can come across all represent amazing opportunities for you and your business. But before you delve into the world of social media and online marketing, or hiring a company to do it for you, you need to ask these questions to yourself to fully understand what it is you're trying to achieve:

Foursquare Advertising: What It Means For You

We have talked before about how Foursquare can do wonders for your business, but now the tech giant has introduced something that can maximize your local online marketing potential - advertising. Instead of users telling Foursquare what businesses they want to check-in to, Foursquare can recommend businesses nearby that they should check out. When done right, you can draw customers away from local competition, promote specials and get people talking about your business online. 

Tasteful Commentary During Tragedy

It is a given that we all have to maintain our social media in order to stay relevant as a business, regardless of size. What is often unclear, however, is how to respond in times of tragedy. Should we address the issue and risk offending or alienating a part of our user base? The answer to this is both yes and no. As with all elements of business, aggressive action is always the most effective, as long as it is executed with class and empathy.

7 Tips To Improve Your Instagram

Instagram is starting to roll out ads for businesses, but that doesn't mean you should wait to improve your profile. Why not try and gain more followers organically in the mean time? Here are 7 tips to help improve Instagram game.

Digital Marketing Trends In 2014

With one week into the new year, online marketers are searching for new tactics and the latest trend for the year and how they will convert “likes,” “favorites,” or “retweets” into dollar signs. We may not have a definitive answer for these tactics or trends, but we have predicted what we think will be BIG for online marketers through 2014. 

The "Do-Nots" of Social Media

To some, social media can be a confusing new place for your business to be in the online marketing realm. Without knowing what you are doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. you could actually be hurting your business. It isn't necessarily your fault either. With new apps and platforms growing in popularity every day, it takes dedication to stay on top of what's new and hip and to understand the rules of the game. That being said, here are some things you should definitely never do on social media if you want to help your business. These are the "Do-Nots" of social media.

Brands Are Flocking to Snapchat, But Is It Worth It?

With lots of talk about the decline of Facebook at the beginning of this year, digital marketers are looking beyond the social media giant and looking for new ways to engage the younger demographic that aren’t using Facebook as much as they once were. The 15 second photo /video sharing app, Snapchat, seems to be it. 


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