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Ten social media blogs you should be reading

  1. Chris Brogan: The Elvis of social media and the king of common sense, Chris Brogan is in a league of his own.
  2. Social Media Explorer: Social media all-star Jason Falls provides a fresh and interesting take on all things social media.
  3. Mashable: The world’s source for social media news, Mashable is the place to go for breaking stories.
  4. Convince & Convert: Jay Baer provides rich content for businesses seeking to embrace social media.
  5. Getmefriends: KBC Social Media offers a breath of fresh air with smart, inspiring and personal social media insight.
  6. CopyBlogger: The king of engaging content, Brian Clark and his team help businesses persuade in a 2.0 world.
  7. Brand Builder: For businesses looking to dive deep into social media discussion, check out Olivier Blanchard’s rich insights.
  8. Diva Marketing: Toby Bloomberg’s blog provides a wide array of social media advice.
  9. Kikolani: Looking for great “getting started” social media guidance?  Then frequent this blog.
  10. Future Buzz: A nice mix of stories and reviews makes Adam Singer’s site one that should be on your radar.

Don't Be Afraid to Try New Things

 As a business owner it is your goal to provide a quality product and or service to your customers. Now that it is the 21st century it can be difficult for you to stay in contact with your customers if you are not up to speed with technology especially social media. I am here to tell you that social media should be used as a tool when trying to get in touch with your customers and is not something to shy away from. If you want exposure for your company and I think you are, then the world of social media is where you need to be.


One type of social media that I want you to get involved with is Twitter. I personally love Twitter both on a personal and business level. Twitter can really benefit your company in ways that most business owners don’t think. Advertising for example, lets say H-E-B has a Twitter account and they want to let their followers know about a sale that will begin on Sunday for all Hill Country Fair brand dairy products. They would tweet to their followers this information and they would have an advantage over non-twitterers because they would have known about the sale in advance. Another pro to having a Twitter account for your business is that is allows you to keep in touch regularly with your customers about your store and its operations. Ideas and comments that they may find unsatisfying and would like to see changed or things they really enjoy. Maybe it is always cold in your restaurant or your bar never plays the type of music that that certain crowd likes. Then you would be able to make the appropriate changes according to your follower’s tweets. Take things they say with a grain of salt, but trust me listening to your followers is key in having a successful relationship with your clients.


Be careful though who you have following your company. You as a business must find the right niche to tweet and reply to. If your company manufactures outdoor equipment items such as tents, coolers, and sleeping bags then you will want to find that type of crowd that is interested in these items, not 81-year-old grand parents who live in nursing homes. See what I’m saying? You should definitely consider signing up for Twitter and Facebook analytics online. A good social media analytical organizer that I recommend is SproutSocial. It is cheap and allows you a free trial to see if you enjoy it or not. The analytics can break down who is visiting your sight the most frequently and when they are visiting it. Also it can allow you to organize and pre write your tweets. You could type a tweet and set it up to where it sends at 5:00 p.m.


Just in case you are still a little nervous about setting up a Twitter account for your business here are 10 helpful Twitter tips that I will share with you.

  1. Always tell the truth. Lying never got anyone anywhere.
  2. Be yourself. Just relax and tweet things that your followers would be interested in.
  3. Create conversations. Always interact with your clients and customers. That way they will feel that you really do care about their opinions.
  4. Retweet often. Retweeting allows your company to show its brand and also show others that are closely related to or are competitors what your interests are. Ex. If a bar tweets that they are having $2.00 Miller lights all night long and a competitor of theirs is having $2.50 Miller lights then you could retweet this to your followers and say “@_____ $2.50 Millers! Why spend that when you could spend $2 @_____”.
  5. Spread out Tweets. Don’t pile on 10 tweets back-to-back; spread them out so that your followers will not get annoyed.
  6. Use Hashtags (#). These allow your followers to understand your tweets. These are what bring your tweets together, the theme if you will. Ex. “Cold beer, Rome’s pizza, and football. #Gottalovesundays.”
  7. Never disagree with customers or clients. If someone is not satisfied with a product or service that your company offers then simply tweet them your apologies and whatever else you think might be necessary.
  8. Mix it up. Don’t just post tweets pertaining to business also post things that interest you and your business. Ex. If you’re an automotive company then it would be okay to tweet pictures and or articles about certain cars and products that you find useful.
  9. Use Twitter to your advantage. Twitter is a great way to help advertise your business.
  10. Short and sweet. Even though there are 140 characters available when posting tweets it can be more useful sometimes to keep it shorter with tweets like “Check out our new fall collection!” Also add some links to your tweets to help draw in more traffic to your page.

These are just a few tips that I take into account when using my businesses Twitter account and hope that they benefit you as well.

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