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What Makes For a Good Facebook Post

Social Media Marketing | What Makes For a Good Facebook Post
good facebook post

Daily posts for your Facebook page promote interactions and get people talking about your business. However the problem is always the same - what are you going to post? Should it be funny or serious? A short note or a detailed multi-paragraph affair. Although post content varies in tone and variety between businesses, these are some general tips for making a quality post to grow your fan page:


1) Short Is Sweet

In a cluttered Facebook News Feed, where people are getting information from friends and family and businesses, you need to stick out. Generally, people don’t have time with their busy lives and short attention spans to stop and read your three paragraph diatribe about your new business service. Although there are notable exceptions, a good post should only be about 2-3 sentences. Get your point across and then move on.

2) Pictures Say A Thousand Words

A striking image can do wonders for getting your post noticed! Even if you are just doing an informative status about your business, include a picture of your office, a logo or an infographic. Not only will the picture catch the eye of someone going down their feed, but it can also be a good way to get information across extremely quickly. Your post text is limited to black and white, but the color options alone you can do with photos and infographics can get your page noticed fast.

3) Hashtags Are A Must

Including hashtags in your posts can give them more virality, allowing people who merely search for the tag in question to see your business. Don’t go out of your way to include something popular that doesn’t have to do with your business, but including something like “#specials” when you have a new special going on or “#LaborDay” when you’re talking about the holiday can really boost the number of people who will see your post.

4) Be Topical When It Matters

Just because everyone on social media is talking about what happened on MTV over the weekend doesn’t mean you should be talking about it from your law firm’s Facebook page. Staying on top of what’s trending and new is important, but only post about it if you think if would be relevant to your fans. If you’re a law firm for example, maybe discuss recent controversial court cases that have gotten national attention from your unique perspective in the business. Be topical, but also be appropriate.

5) Encourage A Conversation

Having a post that gets no comments will almost certainly lead it to be dead in the water. But by asking a simple question at the end of a post - what do you think of this? what is your favorite part about this? - you can get answers from your fans! Not only will this give you direct feedback from customers about how your business is doing, but it keeps the post going in terms of gaining traction. Even something as simple as asking your fans how their weekend is going can go a long way. 

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