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7 Tips To Improve Your Instagram


Instagram is starting to roll out ads for businesses, but that doesn't mean you should wait to improve your profile. Why not try and gain more followers organically in the mean time? Here are 7 tips to help improve Instagram game.

1) The Blog
Instagram has realized that businesses are flocking to its service and has created a blog just for business. Read it, follow it, and stay up to date with it:

2) Tell A Story
Stay away from posting the same images of food or products. Tell a story about your business through the lens of your smartphone. With apps that can combine multiple pictures (PicFrame, DipTic, and PhotoShake!) and Instagram Video you have an array of options to immerse consumers in your business.

3) Connect Your Facebook
At this point you most likely have 10 times more Facebook fans than Instagram fans. Let them know you have an Instagram and connect the two. When you post a photo to Instagram, don't forget to share it on Facebook!

4) Create A Schedule
Unlike Facebook or Twitter, there's no need to post every single day to Instagram. You want to stay away from saturating your followers feeds and either they ignore your posts or unfollow you all together. Create a schedule that fits with your current social media goals and roll out photos in a timely manner.

5) Join The Trends
Ever seen a friend post up their #mancrushmonday or #throwbackthursday? Think of creative ways to incorporate your business into these trends to keep your followers coming back for more!

6) The Two-Way Street
Just like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a place to engage with others. Don't be shy to Like and Comment on other photos that are in line with your business' ideals.

7) Sneak Peeks 
Give your followers the added benefit of being an Instagram follower by "leaking" sneak peeks of upcoming products, events or deals. This will reward the fans that follow you on more than one medium and create a general buzz for you when it's time to launch anything new.



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