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Why You Should Never Link Your Facebook and Twitter

linking facebook and twitter

Given the every day grind that comes with owning a business, the urge or need to take shortcuts can be very alluring. You may even convince yourself that it’s a necessary evil. This ill-advised mindset can result in any number of shortcuts taken, but the one shortcut that has been fairly prevalent as of late - and discussed here - is a company’s inclination to link its Facebook and Twitter accounts.  However, this practice can not only work to the detriment in quality of both your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but also to your business as a whole.

Facebook and Twitter aren’t exactly apples and oranges, but they aren’t birds of a feather either. The practice of linking your Facebook to Twitter can not only be construed as lazy and amateurish, but it defeats the whole purpose of Twitter for business purposes - interaction between the company and its potential customers. Not using Twitter to interact with others is like fishing without bait: you’re not luring them in and you’re certainly not catching them.  The purpose of having both a Facebook and Twitter accounts is to maximize the potential of each medium.
Given the different formats of the two mediums, Facebook doesn’t exactly translate well to Twitter and vice versa.  So in addition to being perceived as apathetic by potential customers on Twitter, your company also looks ineffective, inefficient, and oblivious.  Here's why:

1) It Looks Unprofessional

As any social media guru can tell you, Twitter’s format only allows up to 140 characters, while Facebook allows up to 5,000.  This, in and of itself, creates major hurdles in linking the two. Facebook posts that are longer than the 140 character limit on Twitter are naturally cut short. This not only produces a sloppy message, but can deem the posts incoherent or confusing due to the lack of content, context and message in its entirety. Plus, some of these posts will only show up as links with no description.

2) It’s Unoriginal

By definition, linking Facebook posts to Twitter lacks originality.  By putting the same content on both mediums, you’re showing a lack of originality and a lack of effort.  If your customers think creating two separate posts is too much to ask from you, how are they supposed trust that you will go above and beyond for them in a business-client relationship? Get creative and provide new, refreshing content for each platform.

3) It Impedes Engagement

The goal of social media is to interact and engage with your potential customers. The fact that you're linking Facebook to Twitter already shows your lack of interest and dedication to Twitter. This lessens interaction, impedes progress and makes Twitter seem more like a formality, as opposed to the viable, promising and gainful medium that it has the potential to be.
The discouragable practice of linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts isn't just representative of your company's social media wit and wherewithal, it can also serve as a barometer of your company’s knowledge as a whole.


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