The "Do-Nots" of Social Media

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To some, social media can be a confusing new place for your business to be in the online marketing realm. Without knowing what you are doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. you could actually be hurting your business. It isn't necessarily your fault either. With new apps and platforms growing in popularity every day, it takes dedication to stay on top of what's new and hip and to understand the rules of the game. That being said, here are some things you should definitely never do on social media if you want to help your business. These are the "Do-Nots" of social media:

1) Delete All Of the Negative Reviews

Social media provides the opportunity to interact with your company's fans. If all you do is provide a "rose-tinted glasses" version of your brand and image, then your fans will start to suspect that they are not seeing the whole picture. Rather than get rid of any negative reviews or comments, attack them head on. You can get suggestions from your fans and customers on how to improve your company's products and services while also showing that you are there to listen to complaints. Negative comments and reviews can go from a business burden to an opportunity to shine for your fans.

2) Post Using Multiple Accounts
Having one brand, one image and one message in your social media campaign is crucial. Your fans and loyal customers will get confused if you start posting content using multiple accounts. Who are they to know who is real and who is not? It appears sketchy and desperate. Unify your company and your social media marketing strategy into one.

3) "Like" All Of Your Own Posts

Unless the praise is worthy enough, no one likes a self-congratulatory poster. Of course you think your content is great - why would you post it otherwise? Leave it to your fans and customers to decide what is good and what is not. You'll be able to listen to your fans, grow from it and post better content in the future. Don't lose your credibility by appearing self-serving. Make your product or service or content great, and the "Likes" will follow.

4) Using Incorrect Grammar and Spelling

It may be common for people on the internet to use bad grammar and "internet-speak," but that doesn't mean your business should. Intelligence and professionalism is something that fans and customers still value on social media, so don't come off as crass or uneducated. Establish your credibility by copyediting everything you publish to make sure it is perfect every time. Your customers will respect you more and you'll be able to come off as an expert in your industry.

5) Go Months Without Posting

This is the big one. Don't start an account on a social media site unless you plan on keeping it up-to-date and fresh. Many people now rely on social media to stay in tune with what's going on at a company, so if they find your profile and see that you haven't posted anything new in four months - why should they keep doing business with you? Once you let your social media presence die down, a good portion of your customers could leave forever. Besides the old customers that you are alienating, you are also missing out on potential new business - a double-edged sword that can doom your online marketing strategy. 


On the other side, don't spam your followers and fans. Be selective about what you post and keep it to an average level. The one thing that people on social media hate more than being completely ignored is being pestered. 



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